Colligo's Latest Patents & Why They Matter

Soft Snatch Blocks of various sizes shown without Dyneema 'Softie®' Shackles.

In the last few weeks, Colligo Marine has been issued several new patents on various pieces of hardware, including our Soft Snatch blocks and just this week a patent on our Stacker static blocks. Both styles of blocks adhere to Colligo's industry-defining principle of reducing complexity and adding robustness to yacht rigging. The blocks are precision computer milled from solid aluminum to exacting tolerances and finished with a matte black hard anodized coating for subtle good looks and maximum durability.

"My main objective as engineer for Colligo hardware is to strip down the non-essentials," says John Franta. "It's a fundamental principle of all engineering. I think these blocks prove what's possible with modern computerized manufacturing and simplified thinking."

By foregoing moving parts, Colligo's Soft Snatch blocks and Stackers are simpler and more robust than the competition. There's no maintenance, they're easier to use and they're often cheaper by an order of magnitude.

And while they're super-lightweight, appealing to the multi-hull and go-fast sailors out there, they're not just for racing sailors.

Big Boat Soft Snatch Block acting as preventer lead on the Swan 48 Isbjorn.

"Cruising sailors can probably benefit the most from a lot of our hardware," emphasizes Franta. "A typical 40-50' monohull would require a standard, movable bearing snatch block that can easily cost between $4-600 if not more. Our Big Boat Soft Snatch Blocks retail for under $200 and have a 10,000-pound breaking strength. And they'll practically last forever."

Soft Snatch blocks and Stackers have an almost limitless number of uses - and you DON'T need to use bare Dyneema. Our static blocks are properly radiused and slippery enough for either high-load, short travel or low-load long travel use with almost all modern synthetic line. Some of our favorites include:

  • Spinnaker sheet & guy leads
  • Forward-rigged preventer blocks
  • Cascading backstay adjusters
  • Cunningham tensioning systems

In fact, Colligo Marine even has it's own in-house patent attorney, also an avid sailor, who explains the importance of protecting our designs.

“We innovate products in yacht rigging extensively enough to be issued patents protecting our ideas from imitators. Colligo is constantly pushing the envelop and doing new things and we want the rest of the rigging Industry to see us as serious innovators. Patents protect our research into our goal of making rigging better, easier, lighter and simpler. We're literally building up the science in useful arts.”

Colligo's latest patents reaffirm our position at the forefront of the yacht rigging industry, proving that while our products are simple, strong and easy to use, their literally revolutionizing the business. As these product categories continue to grow, there will undoubtedly be imitators - don't forget, Colligo is leading the way.

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