Colligo Dux, Uncovered


Colligo Dux, Uncovered

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Colligo Dux Synthetic Standing Rigging is the best value in Synthetic Rigging today for cruisers and racers alike.

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Safe Working Load & Breaking Strength (in ft-lbs):

Note: Dux must be sized for stretch & creep and not breaking strength, so do not simply convert your wire/rod rig numbers based on breaking strength to the equivalent Dux. Read this tech article on how to size Dux, or contact us for details.

  • 5mm: 2,100 / 10,400

  • 7mm: 3,000 / 15,000

  • 9mm: 4,800 / 24,000

  • 11mm: 7,360 / 36,800

  • 13mm: 9,800 / 49,000

  • 16mm: TBD

  • 18mm: TBD

Colligo Dux is the first 12 strand line that has similar stretch characteristics to 1x19 wire rope. In fact it can easily be sized so that you have less stretch than your wire rope, with a minimal windage increase. You can have synthetic rigging for about the same price as wire.
Worried about chafe? Loggers drag logs thru the woods with it. Mushers use it for dogsledding because the dogs can't chew through it. This is the toughest synthetic there is.

Worried about UV damage? This is the best uncovered synthetic for UV resistance. Our systems today have a replacement interval of 5-8 years in the tropics (uncovered). Our UV study will be published shortly with  more detailed information. We expect an even higher number.

Worried about creep? We understand creep and we size for no more than 0.1 inches per year. What is creep, you ask? Quite simply, it's the actual elongation of the synthetic fibers. Like pulling taffy, creep is permanent (whereas elastic stretch, like a rubber band, bounces back). Read more here on our tech blog.

Easily spliceable, inspectable, 1/6 the weight of wire and, 1/3 the price of PBO!

Warning: Colligo Dux Synthetic Standing Rigging is Dyneema based and is highly dependent on end termination geometry.  Our line terminators are designed to maximize life over the long term and to ensure the greatest value (and life) from Colligo Dux Rigging. The data shown on this site cannot be applied to any Dyneema based lines without the use of Colligo Synthetic Systems hardware.

It's about the stretch...

2 Types of Stretch: Constructional and Material.

Constructional stretch is about aligning the braids of a rope in a straight line with load.

Material (elastic) stretch is inherent in the solid material properties.

Braided line has constructional stretch, unless you pre-stretch it at elevated temperatures, which is exactly what Colligo Dux is. For low loads (as a percentage of breaking strength) Colligo Dux has almost no constructional stretch. Imagine a rigging material that you can easily splice combined with low stretch properties!

Call or email us for help in selecting the right Colligo Dux Rigging for your boat. We will make sure you have no creep issues and equivalent stretch performance.

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