Softie® Shackles / Hanks


Softie® Shackles / Hanks

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Softie® Shackles can be used anywhere a standard stainless shackle is used, OR for use as hanks on Dux forestays. Extremely strong, chafe resistant and versatile.

Safe Working Load (SFW):
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Softie® Shackles/Hanks

  • Super strong and chafe resistant!
  • Handy lanyard for easy opening
  • Slip Ring for extra security
  • Self Tightening Spliced loop connection
  • Lightweight replacements for steel shackles
  • Headsail Hank solution for synthetic forestays

Individually pull tested to the SWL to set the knot. 

Easy to use: Just pull the lanyard to open the splice, then slide the loop over the shake resistant knot. Pull the loop closed, slide the slip ring up to the knot and you're ready to go.

5 stock sizes:

2000 lbs-f SWL
4000 lbs-f SWL

Large Boat Series

8,000 lbs-f SWL
14,000 lbs-f SWL
18,400 lbs-f SWL

Custom sizes available on request. 

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