How to Measure for a Colligo Dux Conversion

When measuring your rig for new Colligo Dux Standing Rigging for each shroud or stay please do the following to ensure the highest degree of accuracy:

  • Loosen the turnbuckle so it is just loose. This is so you have no stretch in the wire or rod to speak of. When finished with one shroud or stay, re-tension it, then move to the next one and loosen and measure, always re-tensioning each shroud after measuring so that only one shroud is loose at a time. 
  • Measure pin to pin - that is from the hole in the mast (thru bolt hole center, T fitting bearing surface, Stemball bearing surface, hole center in mast tab, etc.) to the chainplate hole center on deck. Basically, everything in between the mast and the deck chainplate. Make sure your tape has the proper tension in it and follows the path of the wire or rod.
  • Document well what you measured. Digital photos are great to help explain your connections.
  • Spreader ends should be documented with photos also. We have an assortment of spreader end fittings and many of the existing ones can be modified for Dux use. At this time the spreader end fittings are custom orders.