Bridle Plate Mooring System

Customer Testimonial:

"We purchased one of your bridle plate mooring systems a few years ago and have had it attached to our 32' catamaran in Miami Beach for some time, however, it really got a work out during Hurricane Irma!Thank you for a great product. Our boat did not budge during hours of hurricane force winds.

Satisfied, and Still Happy Sailing, Customers,

Bob and Andrea Ellis"

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Our Patented Bridle Plate Mooring System
Monohull Type (left), Mulitihull Type (right)

Monohulls or Multihulls, our Bridle Plate Mooring System offers:

  • Small, light, and strong
  • The swivel is incorporated into the plate 
  • Main swivel pin can be seized & has a cotter pin for extra safety
  • Can use of up to three lines from your mooring to your boat for redundant protection
  • Eliminates line-to-line interference 
  • 3/4 inch galvanized jaw and jaw swivel
  • 5/8 inch galvanized shackles
  • SWL limit of over 8,000 lbs-force

Install instructions for the Bridle Plate Mooring System. Click Here.

For the Practical Sailor review of our Mooring System. Click Here.

Sizes & Pricing:
25- 60’ Monohull -  $99.00
25 - 60’ Multihull - $129.00
Custom available

If you have a $20.00 boat, use a $20.00 Mooring System.