Colligo Marine & Ryan Finn's Proa!

Colligo Marine is sponsoring Ryan Finn's voyage on a 36 foot modified Proa. It is being launched for Finn to accomplish the fastest-ever nonstop solo-sail around the Old Clipper-ship Cape Horn Route from New York to San Francisco. Colligo Marine is featuring their standing rigging and two Extra Light Headsail Furling System (ELHFS) on this shunting multihull.
A Proa is a multihull sailboat common in the South Pacific & Indonesia. They have two different sized, but parallel hulls. Jzero, the Proa below is a shunting boat and does not tack.
The last time this course was sailed for time was in 2008 by 110′ racing catamaran Gitana 13. It took them 43 days and 38 minutes & this record still holds today. 

The Proa team includes Ryan Finn who has more the 45,000 offshore miles - including 3 trans-Atlantics and 3 trans-Pacifics, and the Route du Rhum. Ryan has won the Bermuda Race, and participated in many other offshore races.
Paul Bieker is a top Naval Architech & member of Team U.S.A. that won the America's Cup.
Russell Brown is a builder and sailor of proas. He has more miles on proas than any other westerner. 
Lastly, award - winning journalist Troy Gilbert - He has written for Sailing WorldBoatU.S. Magazine, Asia Pacific BoatingCruising Helmsman, Caribbean Compass and many others.


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The Proa,  Jzerro  

The Proa, Jzerro