The Original Soft Padeye! 

Colligo Marine® patented Soft Padeyes are perfect for any applications where you'd use a stainless padeye. They're lightweight, super strong and versatile!


Colligo Marine Soft Padeyes:

  • Our Soft Padeyes have replaceable Dyneema loops  
  • O-ring sealed compartments will not let any water in
  • These can be used on decks or bulkheads up to 1 & 1/8” (28 mm) thick  
  • Static or bearing blocks can be spliced into the Dyneema - depending on needs 
  • Soft Padeyes so you’ll never stub your toe again!
  • 5,000 lb. (2267 kg) break strength!


All you have to do is drill a 3/4” hole and use the included backing plate and nut!