These Backstay Tensioners are a seriously good idea...

This 16/1 adjustable backstay has 9mm Colligo Dux running through our CSS710 Open Terminator® Fitting to an Stackers™ Stackable Static Lashing Block.

This forms a cascades to a SSB-6 Stackers™ Stackable Static Lashing Block which forms a 4/1 purchase and cascades down to our CSS61 Fork Fitting that is attached to a rear chainplate.

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 4.17.11 PM.png


  • A great option for cruisers
  • A simple and strong solution to replace hydraulic cylinders  
  • Easy to splice yourself
  • No need to run to a rope clutch 
  • Easy to lash off and is a better option than turnbuckles 
  • Eliminates need for stainless steel fittings 

Custom design, prototyped by sailors around the world, and shipped directly to our customers.