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Soft Snatch Blocks, w/ Softie® Shackle

Why Colligo Marine? 

New technology is the driving force behind Colligo Marine. We take advantage of new technologies like new developments in titanium, twelve strand dyneema SK-75 and 3D printers for prototypes. New line chemistries enable us to make our standing rigging with low stretch properties that surpass that of steel while taking advantage of the low weight & corrosion-free properties. 

Colligo Marine offers simple, elegant and robust standing-rigging solutions for traditional sailing crafts, modern multihulls, Mini-class racing boats, classic yawls, and more. 

Colligo Soft Snatch Blocks

  • Lightweight 
  • Strong static blocks for high load, low travel situations OR low load, high travel situations
  • Work well with a Colligo Dux running line
  • Can be purchased with or without the soft shackle
  • Allows for attachment without the line end
  • Great for Spinnaker sheet leads, external mast blocks for halyards, tweekers, etc.

Colligo Soft Snatch Blocks  are made with polished aluminum bodies and an attached soft shackle. They are easy to use for most situations where you would typically use a heavy and expensive opening block.

Models & Sizes

CSS341: 5- 9mm; 5K SWL; includes softie®
CSS341.5: 9 - 13mm; 5K SWL; includes softie®
CSS342: 10 - 16mm; 10K SWL; includes softie®
CSS341BL: 5 - 9mm; no softie
CSS341.5BL: 9 - 12mm; no softie
CSS342BL: 10 - 16mm; no softie

Custom design, prototyped by sailors around the world, and shipped directly to our customers.
Colligo Marine