Rig Builder Tutorial

Colligo Marine's innovative Rig Builder provides customers with an interactive and visual way to build each shroud on your boat! This video explains step by step instructions to ensure that you get the best results for your boat! It's easy. Take a look! Visit our Rig Builder page here: 

REMEMBER extra length is needed for EACH shroud. 

ENJOY! :) 

Our Goal

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One of our biggest challenges at Colligo Marine is re-educating both the sailing public and professional riggers on yacht rigging principles. Designing a standing rig using Colligo Dux is a fundamentally different exercise than designing one in wire, and this conversion is what gets most folks confused. Furthermore, when using the design parameters meant for wire on a Dux rig, things start to go wrong, customers are unhappy and expectations are not met.

We aim to use this space on the website to provide the information needed to clarify these fundamentals and provide the technical reference material needed for both professionals and DIY'ers alike to succesfully implement Colligo Dux and Colligo hardware onto their sailboats. 

If you'd like to contribute to the tech space here from your own experience with Colligo Dux, please click the button below to share your stories and information.

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We strongly believe that "Quality Sells Itself" and that is our mantra. We use the highest quality materials along with 'Finite Element Analysis' coupled with mechanical testing to verify all modeling. Where we can, we use titanium instead of stainless steel for its lack of corrosion issues.

Our standing rigging products are spliced under exacting conditions that produces very repeatable pull testing results. We have worked with industry leaders like Brion Toss to get the maximum life out of our rigging products. Large bending radii on all our hardware, along with correct splicing techniques preserve the high break strength of the line that we use, which means you get the longest life out of your rigging and the best value.

In general our pull testing results on our standing rigging products are 100% of the mean breaking load of the line.

Our goal at Colligo Marine is to bring to market the highest quality product for the best long term value.

About our Safe Working Load (SWL)

We pull test a statistical sample of all of our products, manufactured or purchased components. The SWL is a minimum of 2/1 on our hardware. Our standing rigging systems are a minimum of 4/1, most often 2-5 times stronger than the steel systems it replaces.